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You wouldn’t send your kids to a school with a D+ rating…

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Don’t get your next pet from a breeder with a D+ rating either

At Perfect Pets, we work hard to ensure that your perfect pet comes from an A+ background, and that all of our verified pet professionals are just that —professionals.

Our verified members — whether they’re pet breeders, service providers, product manufacturers, or representatives of a pet organization such as a club—must pass a stringent background check. For pet breeders, that means either federal or state licensure or, for hobby and show breeders, providing a wealth of information including a letter of reference from their veterinarian and a video walkthrough of their facilities. So as you browse the site, look for the “Perfect Pets verified” badge on listings.

You wouldn’t send your kids to a school with a D+ rating, and you wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic with a C+ rating. Don’t get your next pet from a breeder with a C+ rating either.

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Posted 3 weeks ago by alphaF

Hi.. I'm Buzzie,  named after my Grandpa.  I will be small like him too.  And maybe even as good looking. I'm only offered as a pet to you and you will probably have to pick me up.  But sometimes puppies get delivered so don't let that keep you from putting...

 Purebreed puppies /  Missouri / 163 views


Posted 3 weeks ago by alphaF

This little guy is a Prince for sure. Beautiful lavender Longhaired chihuahua boy.  PRINCE is going to make a great Best Buddy.  He will be ready to travel by the end of May and is priced for pick up. Prince is offered as a pet only. If delivery is needed...

 Pets /  Missouri / 15 views


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