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Welcome to Perfect Pets

Let me tell you a little about our site, our goals, and why we think it’s important to become a member of our community.

Here’s how it works:

Membership is $20 per month and is automatically charged to the account that you set up with us. No muss, no fuss. Your listing will run for one monthly and then expire. Before it expires you will receive an email reminding you to renew it if you want to — no extra charge, all included in your membership. You’ll also receive an email confirming your listing when you first post it.

You are solely in charge of all sales and the delivery of your pets or distribution of your products. Everyone shopping on our site is able to contact you directly through the “contact” section of your listing, and your business will be as personal as ever.

You can have as many ads in as many categories as you like simply by remaining a member in good standing. For instance, if you’re a breeder and you’ve developed a product that might be beneficial for other breeders, advertise it here with us. If you’re a transporter who also does grooming on the side, list your grooming business here too. Any and all pet-related products and services are welcome to advertise — including sweet little puppies. 

To join Perfect Pets

Simply click the button below. This takes you to our membership page, where you can choose to become either a Perfect Pets verified member a standard member. If you choose standard membership, you’ll fill out some basic information about yourself and your business, input your payment information, and that’s it. You can then begin listing your pets, products, or services.

If you choose to become a verified member, the form will be more in-depth and you’ll be asked for a lot more information.

To become a Perfect Pets verified member

Once you’ve clicked the “Verify me!” button, you’ll be taken to the verified member application. Fill in all the blanks. Take your time. Read through the whole list and pick your base category (Pets, Pet Products, Pet Services, etc.). Then choose your service or breed or whatever category is relevant to your business. And once again, take your time. There are many choices, so be sure to check the right boxes. This will expedite your membership.

Then upload your documentation (your license, your vet’s letter, your pictures, your references). Fill in all the details. And don’t worry — no one will see your information except our team members. It will never be shared with anyone, and the only way we use it is to verify that you really are a pet professional.

Then…you have to wait.

Why? Because we’re actually verifying the information you’ve sent us. A real, live, human team member will note your license, or contact your references, or whatever else is needed to bring your business into our circle. As soon as we have verification, we will notify you and let you know that you’re verified. Once you’re verified, you can enter your credit card information and start making listings.

Whichever membership you chose, you’re now a member of a reputable community. You can expect to see a newsletter (The Watchdog) in the near future; our plan is to keep The Watchdog on patrol at all times to keep our members abreast of upcoming legislation and events; it’s easier to follow all the rules if you know what they are.

Why Perfect Pets?

There are two things which set us apart from other pet listing sites. 

First, we encourage ALL avenues of the pet industry to list their products and services here with us, not just breeders. This makes an easy access site for customers — one-stop shopping, if you will. Someone looking to buy a Yorkie puppy can, for instance, also find a great product to maintain healthy teeth.

Second, our verified memberships offer the public the surety that we have verified the legitimacy of the businesses who have listings with us. Your customers will love knowing that they can choose members who have been vetted and verified. They can feel secure that you really do meet or exceed the standards for your field.

Our goal is to unite all of the valued members of the pet industry and present the public with a far superior experience, one that they will rely on and confidently recommend to their friends and families. 

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