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At Perfect Pets, our mission is simple: to connect pet owners and would-be pet owners with pet professionals of all stripes, from reputable licensed breeders to top-notch groomers or A+ rated pet sitters. But there’s more to us than that. As our network grows, we’re also connecting pet professionals to each other. When you join the Perfect Pets professional network, you get more than monthly classified listings for your pets, products, or services. You also get access to:

  • Our exclusive member directory, where you can make contact with other professionals
  • Private forums, where you can discuss your day-to-day trials and triumphs or bounce ideas off others in your field
  • Automatic subscription to The Watchdog — our members-only newsletter, which keeps you informed about what bills you should be watching, recent AR shenannigans, and other events that may affect the pet world
  • Private messaging

…and more. But most importantly, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re part of a network that includes only reputable, professional pet experts — and your customers do too.

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