Rush Valentine

So your sweetie decided to ask what you want for Valentine’s Day instead of taking you on a thrilling camping trip.  

“A puppy!” you squeal. “I’ve always wanted a sweet little Yorkie puppy.” You add that you had one as a little girl (his name was Elvis) and that you were heartbroken when you had to give him up to go to college. By then he was an ancient ball of fur that looked like Yoda, and one day he just disappeared from your dad’s yard. Or at least that’s what Daddy said. You always wondered.

But now the prospect of this new little guy is so thrilling that you can hardly keep from jumping up and down at the thought of it. So, your sweetheart agrees and you begin the hunt for the perfect Yorkie.

You drive into the city and check several pet stores. But one doesn’t have any Yorkies at all. The other is supposed to get some by Valentine’s Day, but they have a super cute long haired chihuahua and so you think maybe they are just shining you on. Besides, you really want a Yorkie.

So, you take the plunge.  

You go online and start a search.   

One place has hundreds, how can this be? Then you notice lots of these ads are really old.  

Another place has a sales rep that calls you. OMG  they are so demanding. You wonder if they even know anything about the dog. You wonder if they even know the people that have the dog.  Oh geez,  the dog is super cute, though. How can you pass on this little guy? They have a warranty but something in you says to wait. Shop around.  

How can you know? How can you be sure this is the right guy for you? You check out all the major sites. You even look at a few private sites, but never really find a puppy that steals your heart like that one little fella in the ad did. So you call up the breeder.  

Yes they still have the puppy. Yes he is still available. But they’re so far away. How can you get him to you.? No, they can’t send him tomorrow.  He’ll have to come next week. 

“Why?” you cry,  “He’s going to be my valentine.”

But then the breeder starts to explain. Even if you lived next door she wouldn’t be able to let him go home this quickly.  He’ll need a vet exam.  

Yes, he’s already been to the vet for check-ups. This will be his “exit visit.” The vet will issue a health certificate and verify that little New Age Elvis is in good health.  

He’s a nice-sized puppy—not a teacup, but a small baby all the same. The breeder tells you that she knows of a transporter who can deliver him to you next week.  

You’re concerned. All those hours in a vehicle? But the breeder assures you that she’s used this transporter many times and often for very tiny babies. Every time the folks are completely satisfied. Even though he’ll be in transit for a while, he’ll have constant care—people seeing to it that he is eating and drinking. People cleaning up when he makes a mess. She assures you that you’ll be happy with the service.  

So once again you dive in. You send the non-refundable deposit. It’s through a trusted company, so that makes you feel a little better. You make all the necessary arrangements. 

Then you wait.  

In the days that follow, you call the breeder so many times that you’re sure they’ll start ignoring your calls. They don’t.  As a matter of fact they seem really glad that you call. They send pictures and once even a video.  

Valentine’s day comes and goes and you tell Sweetie how much you’re looking forward to his gift. Then, finally, the transporters call. Your valentine is nearly here! They’ll meet you in an hour and a half.  

You text your sweetie directions to the meeting place while you’re waiting for the precious cargo to arrive, so you don’t notice when they pull into a parking place right down from you. Someone taps on the window and you look up from your phone to see the softest ball of fur you’ve ever laid eyes on.

You burst into tears. It really is the perfect Valentine.

The perfect Valentine, from the perfect sweetie, from Perfect Pets. 


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